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We have selected the 10 most beautiful beaches from different coasts of Turkey for you. With their pretty perfect sand and clear sea waters, some beaches in Turkey are definitely among the most beautiful beaches both in the country and in the world. We have identified 10 of the best for you, such as this beautiful holiday paradise, the islands. Here are the details;

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Fethiye - Oludeniz

It is certain that Ölüdeniz, located in Fethiye, is one of the beaches with the most beautiful nature. Even though it has a beach that is not sandy and usually always stony, it offers a very pleasant view. It is easily accessible from Dalaman Airport. The waters of this private beach, where paragliders often go, are definitely worth swimming. It can be said that it is a very impressive beach with all its green nature and its famous sea.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach is between Kalkan and Kas, 7 km from Kalkan. You can reach here on foot as it is below the road level. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles. Although it is difficult to reach here, you will see that it is worth the effort when you go. It is mind-blowing with its turquoise blue sea and waves like foam. It would be good to bring food with you as there is no business in the area. All of Kalkan Bay has been awarded the blue flag. The closest airport to here is Dalaman Airport.

Kabak Bay Valley

Kabak Bay, which has a rare geological structure in Turkey, consists of a deep canyon-shaped valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and the pebbly beach of this valley opening to the sea. In addition to its unique appearance, Kabak Bay is considered one of the best trekking trails in the world, where camping areas and tree houses are built instead of big hotels to protect natural life. The 513 km long Lycian Way, one of the longest walking routes in the world, passes through Kabak Bay.


Cesme Ilica Beach, which is among the most popular beaches of the Aegean beaches, promises its visitors a dream holiday with its warm thermal water boiling in the sea, its wide beach and white sands. Cesme Ilica Beach consists of two kilometers of white sand and blue water, and has many accommodation options. Considering the comfort of the visitors with its beach accommodation facilities, there are many hotels and hostels around. Another reason why Ilica Beach is preferred so much is that it provides comfort to those who cannot swim with its shallow waters.

Patara is the longest beach in the Mediterranean… It also has the most beautiful sands of the Mediterranean coast and a historically rich construction. The Temple of Apollo is located here and is said to be the real hometown of St. Nicholas. It is under protection as it is the spawning area of ​​caretta carettas.

It is famous for its white sands and turquoise waters. Probably Turkey’s best (and most popular) city Beach. According to the legend, the sand of this 2.5 km beach, located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, was brought from the desert. Also loved by Anthony and Cleopatra. These days, you can find water sports, pirate party boats, sun loungers, beach bars, even crazy golf courses.
If you like organized and plentiful activities on a beach, this is the place for you. It is popular with young vacationers and families, especially Russians. Outside of the peak summer season, it becomes almost empty space for joggers parading up and down the promenade.

Butterfly Valley​

Undoubtedly, one of Turkey’s most unique beaches is Butterfly Valley. It is so named because of the hundreds of species of butterflies (including the Jersey tiger) that make their home there each year. Butterfly Valley is a designated nature reserve with strict laws. It is also difficult to reach. So access is only possible by boat or on foot. Thanks to this, it has become a popular ecotourism spot for those who love the hippie style. It is definitely one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean to approach by boat.

iztuzu - Dalyan

Iztuzu is also known as Turtle Beach. It is also another place that benefits from being a protected nature reserve thanks to the local Caretta Caretta turtle population. The area is a 4.5 km long sand beach. In addition, it is unusual with the Freshwater Delta, which intersects with the sea and provides a natural paradise for wildlife.
The beach is closed at night to protect the turtles. So, it is forbidden to use umbrellas in the nesting area. There is also a Conservation Center where you can learn more about endangered species.

Cirali Antalya

The steep mountainous nature of the coastline means that many beaches and coves are hard to reach. This is why travel to this region is growing in popularity. Another beach that benefits from this is the long bay, which includes Olympos and Çıralı, which is still a natural paradise and undisturbed by urbanization.

Olympos is a bit of a hippie paradise. It is home to an eternal flame called the Chimera, some beautiful ancient ruins and wooden tree huts. Leave your laptops and debit cards behind. So this is the perfect place for a digital detox. Down the beach is Çıralı, which is a bit more developed and suitable for couples, yogis and family outings.


Award-winning Blue Flag Lara Beach is located in a bay on the east coast of Antalya. The 12 km long coastline stretches along Lara Kent Park. The beach has several hotel zones, cafe and restaurant areas, and a municipal beach where tourists and locals can relax. The beach is free for all, only a few guarded private beach club areas are prohibited.

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