Places to visit near Antalya

Antalya is the biggest tourism center of Turkey. It is one of the few tourism centers not only in Turkey but also in the world. This natural wonder city embodies all kinds of beauty. You should not die without seeing the vast beaches, and coves. Swim in blue flagged waters with every shade of blue.

Antalya, which is also very popular with its nightlife, has colorful and lively nightclubs, bars, taverns, live music venues and discos.

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1. Antalya Kaleici

While finding peace in the streets of Kaleiçi, you can take great photos and have the opportunity to shop at the funniest shops. We recommend you to see this historical district of Antalya. You can also eat at many restaurants in Kaleici and enjoy the view. Kaleiçi, the first place you will visit when you come to Antalya, sheds light on history with its ancient ruins.

Antalya - Kaleici

2. Konyaalti Beach

It is one of the most popular public beaches of Antalya. You are not subject to any other fee other than paying for the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas inside. Thanks to its clean sea and golden beaches, you will be able to swim as you wish and enjoy the beach.

Konyaalti Beach

3. Adrasan Beach

Adrasan Coasts is a unique place where nature and green meet. Adrasan Coasts, one of the most peaceful and calm places where you can rest your mind, is an untouched natural paradise. Adrasan Coasts, visited by many tourists, has quite magnificent beaches. All you will do here is to enjoy the beautiful sea, sun and fresh air.

Protected Adrasan Bay has been one of the stops of boats since ancient times and is visited by those who want to dive with colorful fish in clear waters or those who want to swim to the fullest with the view of Adrasan Bay.

Adrasan Beach

4. Olympos Ancient City and Beach

Olympos, one of the most important coastal cities of Antalya, is accepted as an archaeological and natural protection area in Turkey. The remains on the high hill, seen on beaches and found in cemeteries, belong to the walls of a medieval castle.
The tree houses in Olympos, which is one of the stops on their boats during the Blue Cruise, received the award for the best hostel in the world. There are many ruins and historical artifacts belonging to the Lycian civilization in the region. The beach is also the spawning area of ​​Caretta Caretta turtles and is under protection. With a short walk, you can easily reach different and unique places such as Olympos Beach, white stone beach, Akdeniz Beach.


5. Lara Beach

It is a beach that will impress you with its smooth sands and clean sea. Lara beach, which is among the very popular beaches, is the first choice of those who want to lie on the golden sands and swim in the sea without seaweed in Antalya. You can easily reach Lara Beach, Turkey’s longest beach, and enjoy the day.


6. Manavgat Waterfall

One of the most popular addresses of nature trips and rafting tours in Antalya, Manavgat Waterfall is only 76 kilometers from Antalya center and is a nature paradise that you can reach in an hour by bus. Manavgat Waterfall, 3 kilometers from Manavgat, one of the touristic districts of the city, stretches for kilometers among lush forests and has a fascinating view.

You can find lively fish restaurants, picnic areas and tea gardens in Manavgat Waterfall, which has well-arranged walking paths and viewing terraces around it; In addition to canoe or boat tours, you can also have fun by rafting. Manavgat Waterfall, which has an easy rafting course, is visited by more than 1 million people every year and is one of the most known waterfalls in Turkey in the world.

Manavgat Waterfall

7. Kemer

The small town of Kemer, surrounded by impressive pine forests behind and the deep blue Mediterranean in front; With its fine sandy blue flag beaches and quality hotels, it is flooded by people from all over the world who want to enjoy the sea. You can reach Kemer, which is only 43 kilometers away from the center of Antalya, by minibuses and taxis, as well as by ferry departing from Kaleici Marina.

8. Alanya

Alanya, 133 kilometers from the center of Antalya, is one of Turkey’s famous holiday paradises with its hotels that host millions of local and foreign tourists every year, world-famous beaches, lively entertainment life, natural beauties and historical treasures. Cleopatra Beach, famous for its golden sands, Damlataş Beach and Incekum Beach are among the most popular blue flag beaches in Alanya, where you can find many accommodation options from 5-star hotels by the sea to boutique hotels ideal for honeymoon holidays.

You can explore the Red Tower, Historical Alanya Shipyard, Damlataş Cave and Dim Cave, which are symbols of the district, where you can watch panoramic Mediterranean views from Alanya Castle, with various tours or walks. You can take great photos in Tophane, which is located in the castle area famous for its historical houses in Alanya, stop by the Alanya Archeology Museum to see treasures from the Archaic to the Ottoman period, or to swim and dive in the turquoise coves with the excursion boats departing from Alanya Marina every hour. You can go on tours.

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