Best Places to Paraglide in Turkey

When you look at the geographical structure of a paradise country like Turkey, you can see that paragliding, which is one of the most important activities of adventure recreation, can be done in many regions. There are hundreds of regions and destinations suitable for flight in Turkey. With the rapid development of paragliding in Turkey, we wanted to compile and share with you the best places to paraglide in Turkey.

Answer to the question “Where to do paragliding in Turkey?” is below:

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1. Fethiye - Mugla / Babadag

When people say paragliding, the first place they think of is Fethiye / Babadağ. Babadağ overlooks Fethiye from a height of 2000 meters and you can watch the famous Ölüdeniz view while paragliding. The view of Oludeniz here is absolutely breathtaking. You can watch a wide area from Patara Beach to Dalaman and even to Rhodes during the jumps made from levels with an altitude of approximately 1700 – 1900 meters. Tandem flights take an average of 50 minutes.

Babadağ, which has three runways in total, also hosts the International Air Games. Experienced pilots can go up to an altitude of 3500 meters in Babadağ, which attracts professionals with its consistent air throughout the summer season.

Paragliding Oludeniz Fethiye Babadag

2. Kas - Antalya / Asas Tepesi

Known for its suitability for diving and water sports, Kaş and its coast have a very convenient geography for paragliding. You can easily paraglide with a pilot on the runway at an altitude of more than 1000 meters, and you can taste this pleasure. In this adventure that lasts for half an hour, you can see Antalya, Meis Island in Greece and the surrounding villages from a bird’s eye view.

Asas Hill has a special importance among the places where paragliding can be done in Turkey. This is a place that is highly sought after by both local and foreign athletes. To fly from a height of 1000 meters, you go to Asas Hill via pickups after making reservations from companies that offer paragliding service on Asas Hill. The winds blowing from the southwest are very suitable for paragliding. Tandem flights here take an average of 20 – 45 minutes.

3. Izmir / Bozdag

Those who want to enjoy the wind and gliding in the sky in İzmir go on a journey to the Akçakmak and Güldalan hills around Bozdağ Plateau in Ödemiş. The paragliding beginner training here is given on the 130-meter-high Eseli Hill.

Bozdag is mostly suitable for semi-professional athletes who have their own paragliding equipment. Akçakmak parachute runway is at an altitude of 1100 meters and the view here includes Bozdağ Forests and Küçükmenderes Plain. Güldalan Hill is at an altitude of 1300 meters.

The flights here continue over Bozdag and end at the sports field.

4. Bolu / Abant

Bolu Abant, the closest place to paragliding to Istanbul, is the most suitable area for training flights. It offers practicality to athletes, especially with successfully designed ground works. The view of Abant is absolutely fascinating!

Paragliders in Abant can descend to the grasslands in the plateaus while taking off from the hills between 65 and 125 meters. Flights from the hills at an altitude of 450 to 750 meters, on the other hand, end in the lands of Samat and Örencik villages. Abant, which receives winds from the north, northwest, south and southwest directions, is suitable for all levels from starter flights to expert flights.

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