Best Spots for Scuba Diving in Turkey

The Best Diving Sites in Turkey

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The list below will provide a completely different experience and new excitement for those who want to explore the sea and the magnificent view underneath, instead of just watching from boats and documentaries.

Flying Fish, Kas, Antalya

The Flying Fish diving spot, located off the coast of Kaş and in the immediate vicinity of Meis Island, is one of the favorite spots for scuba diving lovers. Although the water is flowing and the diving point is 65 meters deep, it can be said to be the choice of the best. The region, which is not suitable for amateurs, is more suitable for experienced diving lovers as the water is current and difficult. At the bottom of the water is the wreckage of an Italian warplane from World War II.

Aquarium Bay, Fethiye, Mugla

Dünya’nın bir çok yerinden yerli ve yabancı turistlere ev sahipliği yapan Akvaryum Koyu’nda scuba diving yaparken fazla derinlere dalmadan da koydaki bir çok güzelliği görme şansını yakalayabilirsiniz.

Fener Island, Cesme, Izmir

You can watch sponges and corals off Fener Island, where tiny, colorful and harmless fish can pass by calmly and beautifully. There are old seal caves at the diving point on Fener Island, which has a depth of 18 meters.

Great Reef, Bodrum, Mugla

You can reach the great reef after a half-hour boat ride from Bodrum. The great reef is almost like a tiny aquarium of the Aegean Sea. Its biggest feature is that all the fish of the Aegean are on the reef… Kargi island in Bodrum is also a neighbouring scuba diving spot, just like the Great Reef.

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