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Cappadocia - Nevsehir

Covering the provinces of Nevşehir, Kayseri, Niğde, Aksaray and Kırşehir, Cappadocia, with its natural rock formations, interesting underground cities and extraordinary scenery, is like a place out of a fairy tale. .

No matter which part of Cappadocia you are in, you will be greeted with its wonderful scenery and you will be eager to photograph each one. At the same time, you will discover the valley, church and many other structures by participating in the hiking trails and embark on an adventure. Cappadocia, with its history, art and culture, is a legacy left to us, a miraculous region.

Goreme, which is almost an open-air museum surrounded by valleys and fairy chimneys, has become one of the most frequented spots by local and foreign tourists.


How to get Cappadocia

When it is time to return from Cappadocia airport to your hotel or vice versa, you can book your transfers from your hotel to Cappadocia Airport, either privately or traveling with other passengers.

If you want to fly to Cappadocia (for example, Istanbul to Cappadocia), there are two airports where you can land. One of them is Kayseri Airport, which is 100 km from Nevsehir center, and the other is Cappadocia Airport, which is 26 km away.

Turkish Airlines has reciprocal flights every day from Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir to Nevşehir. It is possible to find tickets from other airline companies according to the date of your departure to Nevsehir. The duration of the flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia takes an average of 1 hour and 25 minutes. Turkish Airlines and Anadolu Jet have special services for their passengers to districts such as Nevsehir Center and Urgup, as well as from the districts and the center to the airport.

Peri Bacalari (Fairy Chimneys)

Known as the most important symbol of Cappadocia, the Fairy Chimneys amaze those who see it and arouse admiration due to its natural formation. Lines of beauties identified with Cappadocia, upright silhouettes, fairy chimneys, come to mind first. You will see the fairy chimneys shaped by the dance of the lava that erupted from the active volcanoes a million years ago with the waters and winds flowing from the slopes of the valleys, mostly in the valleys of Ürgüp and Avanos.

You can come across formations like this in many parts of the world, but the Fairy Chimneys here are something else! You will understand why it is shown as one of the 7 wonders of the world when you visit it.

Cappadocia Valleys

Ihlara Valley is one of the most well-known Cappadocia valleys. You will see many churches, tombs and rock formations that are famous for their frescoes in the valley, which is a hidden paradise with a length of 14 km and a depth of 120 meters. Melendiz Stream flowing through the middle of the valley will accompany you as you walk.
Pigeon Valley, where pigeons were used in agriculture in ancient times, will be one of the most beautiful valleys you will walk in during your Cappadocia holiday. You will watch the sunset in Kızılçukur and Pink Valley, experience your most romantic moments here, and maybe even make your marriage proposal here. All the valleys of Cappadocia offer a colorful visual feast like a movie set. Churches with a story they try to tell with their frescoes are erected in every corner.

Cappadocia Valleys

Goreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum, recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO, is known as the place where Christianity first spread and monastic life began. 11 churches and cafeteria buildings can be visited inside the completely rocky area, and 18 churches are closed to visitors. The story of the valley where the museum is located began in the 4th century AD. We recommend you to spare 1 day to visit Göreme Open Air Museum, one of the most important points of Cappadocia. The museum is 13 km from Nevşehir center and 2 km from Göreme.

Underground Cities

Although all 36 underground cities in Cappadocia hide deep secrets, Derinkuyu Underground City is one of the priority underground cities that you can visit during your stay in Cappadocia. The secrets of this biggest underground city, which makes you wonder if it was made by UFOs, have not been solved yet. It is thought that it was used intensively during the Byzantine period, and it housed 50,000 people at the same time. This underground city, whose 8 floors are open to visitors, also has unexplored lower floors. You will also be surprised by the tunnels and ventilation system that resembles today’s subways.

It is estimated that there are underground cities in Cappadocia that have not yet been discovered. Apart from Derinkuyu, the underground cities of Özkonak, Kaymaklı, Mazı, Özlüce and Tatların are also worth seeing.

Cappadocia Underground Cities


Urgup, which is one of the most well-known regions of Cappadocia in the world, is therefore one of the most crowded spots. In the district where nightlife and entertainment are most abundant, you will see local houses, churches, mosques and tombs that speak the history. You can make a wish on Temenni Hill, watch Ürgüp, and visit the Cappadocia Art and History Museum. Around it, there are valleys, villages and towns where fairy chimneys show their strength. Mustafapaşa is one of these towns and its historical richness is quite high. Ürgüp, which also offers many alternatives in terms of accommodation, is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia.

Ortahisar Castle is the highest point of Ortahisar in Ürgüp district. You can watch Cappadocia and Mount Erciyes in all their glory from this rock, which was used as a castle in ancient times.

Urgup Peri Bacalari


Cappadocia, which is the backbone of tourism, is one of the holiday spots in Avanos, the place where pottery was born and the land turns into art. Zelve Valley, where Cappadocia’s most interesting fairy chimneys and 15 churches are located, is 3 km from Avanos. Again on the Zelve road, there is Paşabağ, also called Monks Valley, which is the valley where St. Simon was cut off from the world for 15 years. The valley exhibits the most beautiful examples of fairy chimneys with hats that you can see in Cappadocia.

One of the most ideal Cappadocia spots for seeing history and visiting churches is Cavusin, the oldest settlement of Cappadocia. The village, which is connected to Avanos, is only 2 km away from Göreme. There are churches in the village that can be visited from ancient times, as well as entrances to the Kızılçukur and Güllüdere valleys. These valleys, on the other hand, provide you with history with 12 churches within their borders.

The Sarihan Caravanserai, which reflects the 13th century Seljuk art, is one of the works of art you will see around Avanos. Other structures that are close to Avanos and must be seen are the Dereyamanlı Church, a 2nd century structure opened by a representative from Avanos Municipality and the Vatican, the Çeç Tumulus, which is thought to have been built as a king’s tomb centuries ago, and the sad story of A.D. Belha Monastery dated to the 6th century and Alaattin Mosque reflecting the 13th century Seljuk art.

Cappadocia hot air balloon

Taking a balloon tour in the region where balloon tours are common and watching the valleys from the sky is another good activity we recommend during your Goreme holiday. With a hot air balloon, you can see the uniquely beautiful valleys of Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view and enjoy the magnificent views.

You will be picked up from your hotel in the early hours of the morning before dawn, and you will get into the sky by getting on a slowly inflated balloon. For Cappadocia, which you know underground from underground cities, and where you walk along the valleys, it is enough to define a unique experience for the balloon sailing of Cappadocia, which can rise up to 1500 meters.

The map of the sky is the wind, it goes wherever it blows, you land where it wants. Cappadocia Balloon tour takes between 45 and 65 minutes on average and is done by licensed officials and reliable companies. If you are on a honeymoon in Cappadocia and are going to propose, we recommend you to join a balloon tour with prices starting from 180 Euros per person.

Cappadocia hot air balloon​

Cappadocia ATV Tour

ATV is the most popular vehicle preferred by adventure lovers to travel Cappadocia by motorbike and to stir the dust in its valleys. You can rent an ATV from the agencies to travel by digging the waters and digging the soil without missing the nature. While the Cappadocia holiday is an adventure in itself, you need to allocate a budget starting from 70 TL per hour or daily up to 200 TL for ATV, which is an activity that colors the adventure.

Cappadocia Horse Tour

In Cappadocia, you have the opportunity to go by horse to many places that you cannot go by car. If you say, “I want to ride a horse during a Cappadocia holiday, but I don’t know how to ride a horse”, you can also get riding training from experts before you go on the tour. These trainings are all about ensuring your life safety. There are private tours as well as group tours. Like every activity that Cappadocia offers, horse riding will turn the feeling of freedom you expect from a holiday into a unique memory.

Casserole Making in Avanos

One of the most beautiful photo frames left from your Cappadocia holiday will be the frame where you sit at the wheel at the workshops in Avanos and create your own pottery. First of all, you will see how a master works and what kind of art he produces from the soil, then you will experience your own amateurish experience. Pottery making, which is recommended as spiritual therapy, is also offered as an activity in almost all workshops in the bazaar in Avanos. You can also shop if you wish. A small budget is enough to make pottery.

Urgup Wine Tasting

It is impossible not to come to Cappadocia, which is known for its vineyards and considered the homeland of wine, and not to taste the wines produced with its unique aroma. In addition to large wine factories, you will see small businesses that produce very professionally in this regard in Ürgüp. All production is done legally. In the shops carved from the rocks, you can taste, buy a few bottles for your spouse, friend and of course for your own table.

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