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8 Places You Should See in Kas / Antalya

Established at the foot of insurmountable mountains, Kaş is a true paradise with its cobblestone streets, sparkling sun in all seasons, and crystal clear sea. Once you go to Kaş, the westernmost district of Antalya, a seductive spell that one does not want to be separated from again and seduces. Some of today’s residents are those who have only fallen here and lost their way to the seductiveness of Kaş.

In recent years, the urban destruction caused by population growth and tourism in the Mediterranean has not been much in Kaş. Despite everything, Kaş preserves its old architectural texture. While walking, you can feel the spirit of the streets.

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Is Kas Turkey worth visiting?

The center of Kas is quite small. The town leans against the high mountains. Just in front of it is the harbor where the boats are located. You can visit most of the places to visit in the bazaar in a few hours. You have to go to almost all of the other places either by boat or by private car or minibus. It is difficult to find suitable hotels during the summer season and on weekends.

1. Kas Town centre

Long Bazaar, in the middle of Kas, adorned with old mansions with bay windows, is the most beautiful among Kas streets. The stone-floored street with wooden houses surrounded by bougainvillea enchants its guests with its scenery. The street with small boutiques, antique shops, souvenir shops, jewelers and carpet makers is like the bazaars in Alacatı and Bodrum, but less crowded and more intimate. All the streets that turn right and left from Uzun Carsi are very sweet.

Kas Town - Antalya

At the end of the Long Bazaar, in the shade of the plane tree, stands the Lion Sarcophagus, the most well-known of their unique tomb sarcophagi. Also known as the King Sarcophagus, it belongs to the Lycians, who believed in the immortality of the soul and were therefore not afraid of death. Even though there are eight lines of Lycian writing on it, no one has been able to read it yet.

Antiphellos is the name of Kas during the Lycian Civilization, one of the oldest Anatolian civilizations. The ruins of the Antiphellos Ancient City, rock and monumental tombs, and the 4,000-seat theater are within easy walking distance from the center of Kas.

One of the things to do when you go to Kas is to go to the viewing point on the Korkuteli road one evening. Çukurbag Peninsula, Limanagzı Bay, Inceburun and Uluburun peninsulas and Meis Island greet you just opposite. Green peninsulas, large and small islands and beautiful coves. You can’t get enough of the view at sunset.

2. Kalkan

One of the places to see around Kaş is Kalkan. Kalkan, which is thought to have been founded by traders from Meis, an island connected to Greece, has been a geography that has remained untouched for many years due to transportation difficulties. Kalkan, which was a safe haven mostly visited by blue cruise boats until transportation opportunities increased, has been flooded by tourists with high income levels since the 80s.

While you have been to Antalya Kaş, you should also explore Kalkan, the charming town 20 km from Kaş. The holiday center, which has attracted great interest from British tourists in recent years, is also preferred because it succeeds in preserving its naturalness. Surrounding a magnificent beach, Kalkan’s harbour, bazaar and beaches must be seen.

Kalkan - Antalya

3. Kaputas Beach

Kaputas is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. The distance between Kaş and Kaputas is 20 km and takes about 20 minutes by car. Minibuses from Kas center also go to Kaputas, whose images are used together with Oludeniz in Turkey promotions. Kaputas Beach between Kas and Kalkan, I recommend you to go early in the morning as it is packed during the daytime in summer.

I like the view from above, there is no tree shade below. The sea is always wavy. It is delicious for those who like to play with water and those who can tolerate heat. The sea of ​​the beach, which deepens very quickly, is generally wavy, but has a crystal clear appearance.

The beach part consists of very fine stones, it is very beautiful like sand. It consists of a stony area from the coast in the sea, your feet may hurt very much, it is better to enter with sea shoes.

Kaputas Beach

4. Kekova

Kekova Island is a rocky island located within the borders of Demre district of Antalya. It is one of the important routes of boat tours and blue cruise yachts with its exquisite bays. Here are the most beautiful bays that I have seen in the Mediterranean, which seem untouched.

The island, which has the remains of ancient settlements that were destroyed by earthquakes in history and submerged in water, is of great importance in terms of underwater archeology. Kekova region, which is under protection as a natural protected area, is shown among the best diving routes in Turkey. Simena Kalekoy on the peninsula just opposite Kekova Island is at least as beautiful as Kas.

You can go to Kekova and the surrounding beautiful places with daily boats departing from Kas harbor every day. The region can be visited with a Kekova boat tour, which includes Kekova, Ucagız, Batıksehir, Kalekoy (Simena), Aquarium and Tersane bays, and the Pirate Cave.


5. Kalekoy

Overlooking the bougainvillea view, the castle walls and the roofs of the stone houses, it overlooks the deep blue Mediterranean filled with sarcophagi. Kalekoy, one of the most beautiful villages in Turkey, which is on land but does not have road transportation.

Just across Kekova Island, which is among the places to visit in Antalya, Kalekoy, between Kas and Finike, is one of the most beautiful in Turkey, as well as its scenery. The historical name of Kalekoy is Simena, one of the ancient Lycian cities. In Simena Ruins, which you can enter with a Museum Card, you can see the Medieval Simena Castle, castle walls, a temple consisting of several blocks, rock tombs and an ancient theater.

If you want to visit it by yourself rather than with boat tours, you can reach Kalekoy by car, by a road made up to 1 km behind Kalekoy, and by walking from there. It is approximately 40 km from Kas Center. Those who want to stay in the village, where there are only four hostels, need to book a place months in advance.

Kalekoy Simena

6. Demre

Demre, another district of Antalya near Kas, is 1 hour away from Kas. While you’re all the way to Kas, spare half a day for Demre, one of the most important places in the region. There are 3 important places to see in Demre, whose history dates back to the 3rd century BC.

Myra Ancient City was one of the 6 big cities with 3 voting rights in the Lycian League. It is an important ancient city with rock tombs dating from the Lycian period. Known as Santa Claus, St. It is very important as the place where Nicholas lived, served as bishop and showed some of his miracles.

Santa Claus Church is an 8th century Orthodox church located in the center of Demre. Best known for his generosity and fondness for gift-giving, St. Nicholas was buried in this church, which was built in his name after his death.

Italian pirates kidnapped the bones of St. Nicholas in 1087 and took them to Bari, the capital of Puglia, one of the regions of Italy. Born on our land and died on our land, St. Nicholas’ bones, today St. Nicholas Basilica.

Andriake and Lycian Civilizations Museum is located in Cayagzı, 5 minutes from Myra and 1 km from the center of Demre. The ‘Granarium’, which was unearthed during the excavations of Andriake, known as the port city of Myra, serves as the Lycian Civilizations Museum today. In the museum, good information is given about the Lycian Civilization. The underground water cistern, 24 meters long, 12 meters wide and 6 meters deep, is very impressive.

Demre Myra

7. Saklikent Canyon

Tlos ve Patara arasında yer alan Saklıkent Kanyonu, uzunluğu 14 km olan çok güzel bir kanyon. Yürüyüş parkurunda suyun yüksekliği değişse de en fazla bele kadar geliyor. Yer yer daralan kanyonda geçmenin zor olduğu kayalar yolunuza çıkabiliyor.

Kanyonun sonunda ise küçük bir şelale var. Yaz sıcağında, buz gibi suya sahip kanyonda yürümek güzel bir aktivite olur. Kanyon yürüyüşü sonrasında yorgunluğunuzu atabileceğiniz nehrin kenarına dizili çok hoş restoranlar var. Kaş merkeze uzaklığı 1 saat.

Saklıkent’in 13 km kuzeyinde yer alan, Ksanthos vadisinin muhteşem manzarasına hâkim olan Tlos Antik Kenti‘ni de ziyaret edebilirsiniz. Kanatlı at Pegasus ile kahramanı Bellerophontes’in yaşadığı yer olarak bilinen Tlos’taki kaya mezarları, kilisesi, tiyatrosu ve agorası çok etkileyici.


8. Meis (Kastellorizo) Island

No matter where you look in Kaş, Meis Island, which enters your view, adds beauty to the beauty of Kaş. Located only 2.1 km from Kaş, Meis Island is also one of the most distant islands of Greece from the mainland. Meis is a small and charming island that has not surrendered to urbanization. You can add Kaş to your list of places to visit as a daily visit.
The daily bustle-return ferry fee is 25€. Ferries depart from Kaş to Meis at 10.00 and from Meis to Kaş at 16.00. The night tour departs from Kaş at 17.30 and returns from Meis at 23.00.


There are many other places to add to the list of places to visit in Kaş. Cyprus Canyon, located between Kaş and Elmalı; Gömbe Plateau, which is 60 kilometers away from Kaş, and Uçarsu Waterfall, which cascades from 60 meters high, can be added. Kaş plateau tours are organized here. Paragliding, boat tours, blue cruise, scuba diving, jeep safari are among the activities to be done in Kaş.

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