Top Rafting Places in Turkey

Rafting, a sport that brings nature and travel enthusiasts together with adventure, is one of the most popular activities of tourists. In Turkey, which has a rich geography in terms of river resources, there are beautiful but risky rafting areas. If you’re after a little fear and excitement, this event is for you.

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Koprucay, Antalya

When it comes to rafting places, one of the places that comes to mind is Antalya, the indispensable route of the summer months. Köprüçay is the most dangerous place in Turkey, but also full of fun. You will experience unforgettable hours on the 12-kilometer track. Also, Turkey Rafting Championships are held here every year, if you get the right time, you will be happy. As always, a perfect holiday awaits you in Antalya.

You can also find the opportunity to see the historical bridges in the vicinity from a different perspective, thanks to the approximately 12 kilometers long track of Köprüçay, which is located in the Tağıl neighborhood of the Manavgat District of Antalya. The water temperature of Köprüçay is around 9 degrees.

Dalaman River Rafting

Especially recommended for those who will experience this experience for the first time, the Dalaman river has two different courses according to the difficulty level. The 230-kilometer-long Dalaman river, flowing between Marmaris and Fethiye, attracts great attention from tourists because it is located in the most intense region of the Aegean in terms of tourism.

From May to August, you can experience the excitement of rafting in Dalaman river to the fullest. Before summer comes, book your place in Muğla Hotels now and share these exciting hours with your loved ones.

Alara River, Alanya

Alara River originates from the middle Taurus Mountains belt and Ak Mountains. The tea, which has a lot of greenery, has a length of 60 km and takes its place among our rivers pouring into the Mediterranean. It is the most important region of the Alanya district of Antalya in terms of river tourism. It is known that throughout ancient history, it was a settlement area of ​​sailors. It is on the historical Silk Road… The starting point of rafting starts from the beautiful vineyard and continues until the Alara castle. One of the reasons for the preference of the local people is the picnic areas. As RAFTINGO Adventure, we can say that it is a place where you can spend a nice day with your family.

Coruh River, Artvin

It is the largest river of Artvin province. It crosses the borders of Georgia and exits to our country and has quite a lot of arms. The source of the river is the masjid mountain. There are long track areas in parts of 100 km. Thanks to its challenging tracks, the river is of great importance in terms of tourism.
Coruh River, which is among the fastest flowing rivers in the world, is one of the first places that come to mind when rafting is mentioned in Turkey. There is a 169-kilometer track consisting of 4 different stages for amateurs and professionals in the river, where thousands of people share this experience every year.

Firtina River, Rize

When one of the unique streams of the Black Sea is mentioned, of course, the storm creek comes to mind. It is located in the east of the Black Sea and glides from the foothills of the snow mountains, passing through the coast of Ardeşen district of Rize and pouring into the Black Sea. The total length of the Fırtına Stream is about 60 km. Thanks to its arched bridges, it has a different atmosphere when performing rafting. Its tracks are challenging and suitable for rafting with professional guides. You can also stay in the clean nature of the world-famous Ayder Plateau while you are in Rize.

Melen River, Duzce

When you think of rafting in Düzce, which is one of the closest rafting centers to Istanbul, the Melen River immediately comes to mind. The best time for rafting here is in the spring months, so now. When you stay in one of the Düzce Hotels, you can’t live without crazy hours in the Melen river, which is one of the places where rafting can be done. It has a 16-kilometer track and you can complete the tour in 2.5 hours. Speaking of Düzce, it would not be possible to return without seeing Akçakoca and Samandıra Waterfalls, which are important places to visit here.

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