Which one is better, Marmaris or Fethiye?

Where to visit Fethiye and Marmaris

What do you pay attention to when determining your holiday route? The price scale, the beauty of the sea, the characteristics of the climate, the important places to visit in the region, the activity options and maybe even the nightlife… All these are the most basic issues that you think about and research while creating your holiday route. In this article, we will try to help you decide on your holiday route in accordance with these criteria.

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A. Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the most popular tourism centers of our country, located in the Lycian Region, which is called the land of light, where green and blue are intertwined, 125 kilometers from Muğla in the southwest of Turkey. When Fethiye is mentioned, as in many places, the sea-sand-sun trio comes to mind; It is a geography that you cannot get enough of with its history, ancient cities, unique coves, beaches, social and cultural life.

1. Oludeniz

It is certain that Ölüdeniz, located in Fethiye, is one of the beaches with the most beautiful nature. Even though it has a beach that is not sandy and usually always stony, it offers a very pleasant view. It is easily accessible from Dalaman Airport. The waters of this private beach, where paragliders often go, are definitely worth swimming. It can be said that it is a very impressive beach with all its green nature and its famous sea.

Fethiye Oludeniz

2. Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay, which has a rare geological structure in Turkey, consists of a deep canyon-shaped valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and the pebbly beach of this valley opening to the sea. In addition to its unique appearance, Kabak Bay is considered one of the best trekking trails in the world, where camping areas and tree houses are built instead of big hotels to protect natural life. The 513 km long Lycian Way, one of the longest walking routes in the world, passes through Kabak Bay.

Kabak Bay - Fethiye

3. Calis Beach

Calis Beach, which is about 4 kilometers long and is one of the spawning grounds of Caretta Caretta turtles, is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey with its colorful umbrellas and the view of Knight Island and Kızılada. Since there are many restaurants and accommodation facilities right next to the beach, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun with peace of mind.

Calis Beach - Fethiye

4. Gocek

Gocek, which is about half an hour away from Fethiye (27 km), is actually a neighborhood that has been able to stay away from the destructive side of tourism, as in Fethiye. Due to the world-famous beaches and unique bays in and around Fethiye, it has become one of the most important centers of yacht tourism.

Gocek, where many domestic and foreign luxury yachts are anchored, is one of the indispensable stops of yachts as it can meet all kinds of needs of the visitors. You can taste fresh fish in decent restaurants, charter a private yacht and visit the 12 Islands as you please. As in Fethiye, there are tours departing from here for the 12 Islands.

Gocek - Fethiye

5. Hisaronu

Hisaronu, which you will see after 13 kilometers on the way from Fethiye to Oludeniz, may remind you of an English town at first glance. Especially preferred by the British, Hisaronu is at the forefront with its British-style entertainment venues. Nightlife is also very active in Hisaronu, which is one of the preferred centers due to its close proximity to Oludeniz. The center of nightlife in Fethiye can also be called Hisaronu.

Hisaronu - Fethiye

6. Kayakoy (Karymlassos)

Kayakoy, BC. A ghost village 14 kilometers away from Fethiye with a history dating back to 3000 BC. This village settlement, which was started to be built in the 13th century on the ancient city of Karmylassos, was called “Levissi” in the Greek period.

In Kayaköy, where there are about 3500 houses, the houses are built in such a way that they do not block each other. Over time, it has turned into a ghost village. There are 14 chapels and 3 churches in ruins in Kayaköy.

There is still life in a few homes. In the village where the Art Workshop and souvenirs are sold, some scenes of the movie “Water Diviner”, in which Russell Crowe played the leading role, were shot. You can also see this house and photos during the village tour. There are also a few places where you can get food and beverage services around the village.

Kayakoy - Fethiye

B. Marmaris

Located at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the port city of Marmaris is a small town in Muğla. The touristic place, which welcomes 4 million visitors annually from all over the world, has a population of 91 thousand 871 people. Marmaris is popular with its nightlife and is quite assertive in entertaining you day and night.

There are many beautiful beaches in and around Marmaris where you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun. The main beaches of Marmaris are located along the approximately 8 km coastline stretching from the city center to the town of İçmeler. There are also extremely beautiful beaches in the surrounding towns and bays of Marmaris.

1. Icmeler

Icmeler Beach, which is highly preferred due to its proximity to the centre, is only 8 km away from the center of Marmaris. You can enjoy a beautiful sea with the clarity and calmness of the sea. It is a good choice for those who want a quieter holiday. There are also many activities and places to visit in Icmeler.

Marmaris - Icmeler

2. Turunc Beach

Turunc is approximately 21 km from Marmaris. a popular holiday destination. It is a good choice for those who want a much quieter holiday in a beautiful bay at the foot of green mountains. You can take advantage of water sports activities on the beach. It is possible to rent all kinds of equipment and receive training from those who know it. You can reach Kumluk, Çiftlik, Dalyan, Iztuzu bays and beaches by taking boat tours.

Marmaris - Turunc Beach

3. Cleopatra (Sedir Island) Beach

18 km from Marmaris. It is at a distance and the island is reached by boat from Çamlı pier. The region is famous for its golden yellow sandy beach and sea, which is believed to be where Cleopatra swam and is therefore known as Cleopatra Beach. In addition, the city walls of the ancient city of Cedrae and the ruins of the ancient theater are located here.


4. Paradise Island Beach

Located in the Marmaris district of Muğla, Cennet Island is a must-see for all holiday lovers coming to Marmaris with its enchanting beauty. Although it is known as an island, Paradise Island, which is actually a peninsula, is located on the Nimara peninsula.

Paradise Island Beach - Marmaris

5. Dalyan

80 km from Marmaris. Located in the southwest, it is defined as a natural wonder place where the lake and the sea meet. Dalyan is famous for its geographical structure, reedy canal rivers, Kaunos rock tombs and ancient city ruins, mud bath and thermal springs, as well as Iztuzu beach, the breeding ground of sea turtles named Caretta Caretta. You can reach Dalyan with daily boat tours from Marmaris and a sea voyage that takes 2 hours.

iztuzu - Dalyan
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